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Andrew E. Morrison is a multi-instrumentalist performing primarily on saxophone. Fluent across the entire saxophones family, Andrew is known for having a resonant sound throughout the entire horn, an extreme range of dynamics, along with a crystalline altissimo range. A performer in both classical and jazz styles, Andrew has performed with big bands, wind ensembles, orchestras, small and chamber ensembles, jazz combos, marching bands, pop ensembles, and more. Andrew is currently working on developing “Classical Improvisation,” a style of music that can be played by all instruments, specifically for the saxophone. He began gravitating towards this style when he began his improvisational and compositional studies. Andrew has primarily studied with Allen Won, Sherman Irby, Bruce Williams, and Jonathan Ragonese. 



Starting from a young age, Andrew has led masterclasses and has taught private lessons to age groups ranging from elementary to the collegiate level. He has taught marching bands at the collegiate and high school levels. Pedagogically, Andrew is an advocate for music and arts education as well as the integration of social-emotional learning (SEL) within arts education. His work on this topic was featured in the March 2020 issue of School Band and Orchestra Magazine. He has continued to contribute to SBO magazine writing primarily on music education reform. Throughout all of his teaching, Andrew highlights the importance of creativity and individualized expression throughout all types of music-making. 



Andrew is a believer in the importance of fusing leadership approaches with music education. His musical leadership experience ranges from serving as Drum Major with multiple organizations including the world-renowned Carolina Crown. Additionally, he started his own organization YOUnison and has lectured on the importance of SEL and music education at the collegiate level. Through music, he believes student leadership opportunities are crucial for lifelong development.



In 2020, Andrew started YOUnison, a student-led organization that created the Worldwide Day of Gratitude on April 30th, 2020 at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. This was a social and emotional learning-inspired advocacy event. Thousands of musicians from all over the world performed their rendition of the song lean on me and posted it on social media in honor of the frontline healthcare workers. More than 60 national and international organizations joined the effort. The day culminated with a nationwide singalong hosted by Sirius XM radio, where many radio stations played Lean on Me at the exact same time for millions to play along.

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